We Care for the Needy.
(Proverbs 22:6)
“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”.


Valley Of Truth Learning Centre located in Tassia Kenya was founded in 2008 by Pastor Nixon Anunda under Christian values with the objective of providing basic General Education to deprived and destitute children prior to formal education.  Pastor Anunda's passion is to help the  needy children in Tassia  and its environment by enabling them to have a strong beginning in basic education and ethics.


Pastor Anunda is currently Pastoring at school chapel , ministering to both deaf and hearing people.   He trained  at School of Christ International (Nairobi) where he underwent Pastoral and Missionary courses.  He has been serving God for the last 15 years until mid 2008 when God placed the passion of helping these children in his heart. He oversee's the operations of the school, ensuring rent and  other utilities are paid and purchasing of food and general supplies for the school.

Each Friday,  pastor Michael conducts a bible study for the students and ministers to them.Pastor Michael has been  offering spiritual growth  and nourishment to our children, teaching and non-teaching staff.


Pastor Anunda's wife, Modester who shares the same passion has committed her herself in volunteering her time and services for teaching. She is also in-charge of admissions.  During admissions, she acquires background information on each child thus full names, age, class, health (e.g. HIV/AIDS, T.B e.t.c) name and contact of the parent/guardians. 


Modester works together with other  10  teachers  who have  also volunteered to serve the children in this school.


The Centre is located in Tassia   in Embakasi constituency, an overcrowded and squalid area of the city inhabited by people who live below the poverty line.

  • Housing facilities below liveable standards.
  • High population, little or no social amenities available.
  • Extremely Poor or non existant sanitation, water and other basic human necessities.

The picture below shows the Valley Of Truth Learning Centre neighborhood.


To change the lives of destitute children by affordable, sustainable, integrated education and care programs.
To enhance the lives of many destitute and deprived children by providing basic education needed prior to formal education.
To encourage Kenyan communities by improving the quality of life for orphaned and other vulnerable children.  Reducing future poverty through access to education and lifestyle changes
-To sustain the existing educational and care programs in the slum area  to  the highest of standards and ethics. 

-Build a boarding school facility for homeless children where they will have total care and education.  When possible to begin all levels of education: Primary, Secondary and College level

Our desire is to give  every deprived child the opportunity to rise from slum areas to become leaders in all areas  of occupation:

For more information, support, comments or advice, please contact  us through our email address , P.O. BOX 11721-00400 NAIROBI