Our Project is teaching and sheltering orphaned children age range from 12 months to 13 years. At the moment, we  have 160 children age between 2 and half to 15 years.f

School begins at 7:30am ending at 4:30pm. First 45 minutes of the day all children gather in one classroom where they sing praise songs led by one of the children. Bible stories are read and translated by the teacher and prayer time. Lessons begin at 8:15am. There are two lessons before 10:30am then a short break for porridge snack.

Lunch is served at 1:00pm. Meals are altered daily for variety. Rice with beans, ugali  vegetables and meat, maize mixed with beans and fruits on Mondays and Fridays

After lunch, there is relaxation time and two hours for napping. School ends at 4:00pm.


We are trusting God for the following fulfilment to enable our vision and mission come to pass:

 (a) The project budget for the financial year 2014 is estimated at:

KES.102,500 per term =  $1524.24

KES. 102,500 per term  = Pound Steriling 858.75 which translates to

KES. 1001,000 per annum  = $2233.89   = Pound Sterling of 7625.


 N/B. The money is projected to meet all the project needs and to fund all the activities as planned in order to attain the vision and mission  objective for this school. 



(b) We also aim at sustaining the existing Educational and Care Programs in the slum area of Tassia Kenya by maintaining and continued improvement upon the programs in the highest standards and ethics.

(c )  We look forward to buying land and building a boarding school facility for homeless children where they will have total care and education then possible to begin all levels of education: Primary, Secondary and College level.



Please prayerfully consider a gift towards the following:

school work books, exercise books, simple story books ,pencils, crayons, educational children’s books, blankets, bedsheets foods, dishes, spoons, dusters, cooking utensils, chalk, charcoal for cooking, clothes, shoes.